30 Wears Challenge

30 Wears Challenge


Are you a fan of challenges or resolutions? I am, and I decided to participate in a slow fashion challenge and extend an invitation for you to do so too.

"Slow Fashion" can sound a bit like a fad, however I believe there are key benefits for the environment, garment workers and consumers within it. Slow fashion is essentially a deliberate choice to buy better quality garments less often, in opposition to fast fashion where clothes are almost considered disposable. I will go more into slow fashion and KoiNo's position and beliefs towards it in future posts but thought I'd start the year with this slow fashion challenge.

You may have heard of slow fashion challenges before, such as a capsule wardrobes or the 10x10 challenge (10 items, for 10 outfits over 10 days) or the 30 wears challenge, this is the one I am partaking in and encourage you to consider doing so too, it's an easy step in the direction of a more sustainable wardrobe.

This year I am going to track my wearing of this dress and aim to wear it at least 30 times this year (then continue to wear it beyond 2019 too). It's my most worn style from the KoiNo collection (The 3 dress in XL) and I made it in the new Cinnamon colour for this challenge, I already have this style in black and wear it A LOT, and have been for nearly 2 years. You may have heard of the #30wearschallenge before, you can read more about the inspiration behind this challenge here.

You don't have to complete this challenge with a new garment, you might consider wearing something that you already own, perhaps something you already wear and love or something you've only worn a handful of times, either way, aim to wear it at least 30 times, you could track the progress through photos or simply a tally chart, or not even track the progress, it doesn't matter.

Hopefully by completing this challenge I will think more carefully about the garments I let into my wardrobe, asking myself the question "will I wear this 30 times" before letting it in.

You can follow along on my version of the 30 wears challenge on my instagram stories where I will post each wear of the dress this year.

xo Amanda

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