Business: but not as usual

These past few weeks have been strange to say the least. 
I’ve had to postpone/cancel a lot of my in-person events, which is a bummer as I love meeting you all in person and having you touch and try on the clothes. 
Normally, I operate KoiNo predominantly on a made-to-order business model and keep minimal fabric in stock, only ordering more (usually 10 meters at a time) when I need it for another order. I’m not currently ordering any fabric and until I am able to order fabric in I have limited the stock available online to only stock that is made and ready to ship. I will be sure to let you know when made-to-order is open again (you can still view the range here). You can currently buy gift cards (for yourself or as a gift) now to use at a later date when made-to-order is reopen, I’ve even sweetened the deal a bit and am selling gift cards at 10% off!
This time has allowed me however to give my website a bit of love and make it a place where you can get the in-person shopping experience online.
You can now get free fabric swatches sent to you as feeling the weight and softness in the fabric is such a key benefit for shopping in person. 
One main reason that I love offering shopping in person is to give you the chance to try clothes on and check the fit, look, and feel of the garment on the body. I’ve now updated our sizing page online to include in-depth information on measuring your body to get the most accurate read of our size chart. Each garment also now has key measurements listed, such as the bust measurement and the length, this way you can compare the measurements to garments you already have and wear and select the size based on what you know works for you. As I usually make to order I also am willing to adjust styles to custom fit if possible too, get in touch if this is something you’re interested in.
Within our made-to-order section you’ll also find updated product photos throughout the collection to include (usually) at least three different models, ideally in at least three different sizes, wearing the garments so it’s easier to see how one style translates between sizes. 
While these measures do mean more accurate online shopping, they’re not fool proof and sometimes the style simply does not work once you try it on. If this is the case you are welcome to get in touch with me to discuss your options, whether it’s opting for another size, style, colour or something else, I’m happy to help. I would rather you had something you are going to reach for in your wardrobe than keep something that isn’t going to be worn. 
Want to chat? I’m pleased as punch to introduce our new chat service. This is available straight from our website but run through Facebook chat, it’s not a bot that will answer you, it will be me! Check it out in the bottom right corner of any page here on our website.
While I do plan to offer in-person shopping experiences again, for now online is where it’s at. If you have other thoughts or questions around online shopping, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, flick me an email or chat to me below.
x Amanda