Why I Started KoiNo - and new sizes!

Patterns in different sizes and pattern tools
I started KoiNo in 2017, partly because I would find it difficult to find clothing I like that is in my size and aligns with the values I believe in, particularly human ethics and environmental consideration. I would often make my own clothes and KoiNo is a way of allowing others who may have had similar struggles to me to purchase clothes they can feel good in too. 
The name KoiNo comes from a Japanese phrase "koi no yokan” for which there is no equivalent English phrase; it translates to love’s premonition, or the feeling upon meeting someone that you are going to fall in love. The koi no of koi no yokan is the love’s - which is love with a possessive apostrophe, meaning "belonging to love" or "of love". My love of creating clothing, love for people and love for our planet all add to the love of KoiNo
I started sewing when I got my first sewing machine for my 9th birthday, I started by sewing dolls clothes and scrunchies. When I was 15 I took a sewing class at school and aced my assignments; I figured “I’m pretty good at this, maybe I should do it for a living”. Thus began the steps towards where I am today with KoiNo.
I have always wanted KoiNo to be “made to order”, this way we can make what is needed in the size and colour that is needed without holding excess stock (we hold some stock from photoshoots and for in-person sales). In a traditional fashion business clothing is made in bulk, and although the production minimums are getting more manageable for smaller businesses (now you can get 100 made fairly easily compared to the 1000 or so it used to be) the total production cost and stock can still add up when producing a line of clothing in a range of styles, sizes, and colours; particularly for small businesses. With this model it is difficult to invest in producing a wide range of sizes and colours for fear that once a season is done there will be excess stock left over. Because I make to order I can offer a wide range of sizes for each of my products.
My goal with KoiNo has always been to make comfortable clothing for New Zealand women in a range of sizes. Up until now I have offered the range in sizes XS/10 - XXL/22 made to order, and I’m happy to announce that as of today I offer all of my range in an extended sizing, from XXS/8 - 4XL/28 and can make adjustments from each of these sizes too (lengthen, shorten etc), check out our new size chart here. I will make some of the new sizes to bring to my in-person shopping opportunities. I plan to keep production of each KoiNo garment in house (at the moment "in house" is literally in my house in Hamilton NZ) and strive to provide excellent customer service through in person interaction and online communication. Shop the new sizes now.
Love to you all.